Perfect Delivery Record

Barrie Swift Courier is proud to post no errors, damage or late arrivals on all of our deliveries. Every delivery we have ever been hired for has arrived on time, at the correct place and in perfect shape. We are a delivery service in Barrie that is easy to trust and desirable to work with. Tal

No HST on Deliveries

We’re happy as ever to offer deliveries with no tax. Since we’re considered small suppliers, CRA has exempted us from needing to collect hst tax. This obviously cuts your courier delivery cost down by 13%. Call 705-205-SEND (7363) to get a quote to enjoy the reduction. Tal

Our Environmental Caring

Even with 7 billion people, every individual person impacts our earth- landfill waste you produce, clean water you use, greenhouse gas emissions you create, etc. We don’t know about others doing courier in Barrie, but Barrie Swift Courier has policies in place to minimize our impact. We like the saying, “leave your campsite better than …

Estimating Trip Costs

With the ease of the internet, a practical courier company like us can use transparent and realistic tools to put a fair quote together for you. Anyone can use this trip calculator from Gas Buddy as well. Along with that metric, we factor in man hours and some depreciation on the delivery vehicle. It’s all simpler than …

Should Someone From Your Office Do The Delivery?

That risk probably isn’t worth it. Your employee doing the courier delivery takes them away from their professional duties. Also, your business and the vehicle needs commercial insurance to make deliveries if there is an accident or an injury. As well, we often worry about a possibility of parking tickets. Leave it up to a …