*Call 705-205-SEND (7363) for accurate courier and messenger rates*

Our average rush courier cost tends to be $12 in Barrie. Outside of Barrie, approx $1.10 – $1.60 per km (you only pay for one way!!) for an immediate delivery. Below are factors that make up a courier delivery rate. Feel free to use Google Maps to estimate the rate using the distance, one way.

An example of a same day delivery to downtown Toronto is often $130, depending.

Size and value of courier delivery:

  • Documents and items up to 50 lbs that fit in a car
  • Items needing a van or truck
  • Single skid delivery
  • Multiple skids or extra large items
  • Motorcycle and atv deliveries

We deliver at three speeds:

  • Immediate priority delivery
  • Same-day delivery
  • Next-day delivery

Immediate priority delivery- We receive your call and send a courier right away.

Same-day delivery- When arranged before 12pm, the delivery will be completed before 5pm that afternoon. Evenings also.

Next-day delivery- Past the 12pm cutoff for the same-day or simply a lower priority delivery.

Weather and traffic:

  • Heavy traffic or snowy roads
  • Medium traffic or heavy rain

We accept Visa, Mastercard, E-transfer, Cash and cheques from contracts.

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