Long Distance Deliveries – Same Day

Lately we’ve been fortunate enough to earn some long distance rush deliveries. On top of that, we’re delivering pallets these distances too. We’re effectively and economically delivering from Toronto to Sudbury and North Bay all within one day of notice. You could say that we’re an on call delivery service for large and small parcels, short and long distances. We have almost never turned down a delivery, so that means, whatever you need delivered, we can probably do it!

Our most common delivery is from Mississauga to Barrie or courier Barrie to Toronto. If you call us for a price going those directions whatsoever and we give a direct price, it doesn’t mean it’ll always be that price. It means that we don’t have anything to group with it to reduce the cost. Try us again next time because the rate may be a lot lower. Always try us, just in case! We’ve given discounts of over $130 before on a long distance delivery because we were able to group it with another parcel going the same way.

We are on-call to deliver large or small, far or near!