We Courier a Broad Range of Items!

You’d be surprised what we deliver. There are the many obvious same day courier items such as simple envelopes and documents. Though it starts to get interesting when we deliver long distance important applications last minute that have a deadline in a couple hours, or human body parts, or huge graphic designer’s oversized posters coming out of downtown Toronto.

One unique delivery was a Friday afternoon call in the summer to rush courier a couple baskets of fresh hops (for brewing beer) from a farm near Wasaga to a big brewer in the distillery district in Toronto for a magazine photo shoot.

Another one was delivering skids of beer, wine and liquor from an LCBO to all over central Ontario to other LCBO’s within 2 days. The deliveries were so big, we had to rent a big box truck.

We’ve done many other oddball courier deliveries. Many of which we weren’t prepared for, but we made it happen while keeping our reputation of integrity intact.