We Are Ready and Waiting For Electric Pickup Trucks to Hit the Market

Fossil fuel supplies are dwindling around the world and everyone knows it. Plus, burning those chemicals is hard on nature and humanity. I have been to cities such as Cebu, Philippines, for example, where it’s common for the inhabitants to carry around rags to cover their nose and mouth while out and about. The pollution gets so bad there, it becomes nauseating. Electric will solve that!

We at Barrie Swift Courier are keeping a close eye on Tesla, Rivian, and Ford for their release of an electric powered full size pick up truck. They are supposed to be releasing their version of the truck within the next year or two and we can’t wait to be on board the EV movement. Doing courier and deliveries burns a lot of fuel and wreaks havoc on the many moving parts that conventional vehicles use to drive. Along with simple electric motors, these modern EV’s have substantially less moving parts and therefore less wear and tear part replacing. Another great feature is when paired with solar panels, EV’s become almost free to operate. That’s good for our bottom line and good for earth help!

We are going to laugh so much someday at the fact that we are burning fossil fuels in cars right now- possibly appalled. It will be one of those “I can’t believe we did that” discussions.