Beware of Fraud Couriers Posing

We process Visa, Mastercard, cash, and etransfer, but when we process your credit card, it will show up on your statement as Barrie Swift Courier and nothing else. Furthermore, we always have you sign a bill of lading saying that your item is in our care now. You will get a copy of that immediately before we leave. Call us right away if your credit card statement says anything other than Barrie Swift Courier and the driver does not give you your copy of the bill of lading. It should also say Barrie Swift Courier right on it.

Uncovered lately, Yogi’s Courier is one such fraud courier carrying no insurance for your item, and what they will do is arrive posing as the reputable courier you originally called, but really, it’s Yogi’s and your item is at risk- no tracking, documentation.

We, however, do things by the book because we handle important and sensitive material all the time.