Our Offer – Discount Courier Rates

Discounted rates.

Many of our next day or same day courier customers have received deeply discounted rates because, for example, we are already doing a courier Barrie to Toronto and another customer calls for a similar delivery on the same route. Since we are going anyways, not only do we discount the new caller’s rate, sometimes by 40%, we call the original customer back and refund some money too. If we win, everyone wins.

We try hard to give the best courier rates we can, even when it doesn’t seem so. We honestly do what we can! An important thing to note is that the price we give for courier Toronto to Barrie, for example may be high one day but lower another. Furthermore, our prices for courier in Ontario are gradually getting lower as we’re getting busier. The price we quote you today for regular courier deliveries could be much lower 3 months from now.