Our Environmental Caring

Even with 7 billion people, every individual person impacts our earth- landfill waste you produce, clean water you use, greenhouse gas emissions you create, etc. We don’t know about others doing courier in Barrie, but Barrie Swift Courier has policies in place to minimize our impact. We like the saying, “leave your campsite better than you found it.”

  • We minimize paper bills that come to the house by receiving them electronically
  • The papers we do get are recycled
  • Our kitchen recycles food, metal, styrofoam and plastics
  • We discourage car idling
  • We resist buying products that will end up in landfills. We buy quality, reusable and sustainable products any chance we get, from food to furniture.
  • We group courier deliveries together when possible
  • We prefer to work with companies who have the same environmentally conscious values

However small, every little environmentally-considerate action has an effect. A lot of change can happen from the items you buy alone, not just what you do with your waste. Buy recyclable items, buy less packaged items, buy energy efficient vehicles, buy water efficient items, minimize buying plastics, buy less disposable products, don’t buy poorly made products (particleboard furniture comes to mind), and don’t buy junk you don’t need!!