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We want to be your same day courier in Barrie

Call 705-205-SEND for our solid Barrie courier service for out-of-town, same day courier and rush delivery. Our most frequent route is same day courier to Toronto, and we also deliver to:

The GTA, Markham, Ajax, Mississauga, Hamilton, Orillia, Collingwood, Niagara Falls, London, Kitchener, Waterloo, Owen Sound, North Bay, Sudbury, Ottawa, Montreal and everywhere in between. If the need arises, further too!

Merchant Equipment Store Credit Card LogosBarrie Swift Courier is:

            Fully licensed, insured and police checked Barrie courier drivers. We utilize cars for smaller items, vans for larger items, full size pick up trucks and flatbeds for items such as pallets and skids of goods or similar size. Your delivery is guaranteed too!

We are excel with immediate delivery, same-day delivery, after hours or next-day delivery.

The Barrie Swift Courier process:

  1. You call us to place a courier delivery order. Payment is either made now or at the pickup (credit card, etransfer or cash).
  2. We send out one of our delivery drivers to pick up the item(s).
  3. We drive and deliver the item(s) to their intended destination at the agreed time where the receiver signs for them. Simple.

delivery keyboard button Barrie Swift Courier

Examples of popular deliveries:

  • lawyers rushing documents
  • manufacturer needing parts
  • Repair shop needing parts
  • retailer sends parcels of goods to customer
  • lab work and medical equipment
  • graphic design and marketing proofs
  • architect drawings
  • construction companies submitting a tender

Courier customer examples:

  • lawyer’s offices
  • mining industry
  • auto manufacturing industry
  • auto and heavy truck shopsBarrie Courier Skids
  • warehouse
  • construction companies
  • hospital
  • architects
  • marketing firms


Founded in 2017 when we realized a need for a more professional emergency courier and same day service for Barrie. We have found ways to improve upon the value of service. As Barrie continues to grow exponentially, the more residents and businesses need us. Not to mention, the many ties Toronto, GTA and Barrie have to each other reveals how much parcels, goods, parts and documents get exchanged between the two areas. Clients need a same day delivery Barrie to Toronto.

Trailering, and Hauling in Barrie

While we are most busy as a same day courier in Barrie, we are also equipped to tow boats and boat transport up to 7000 lbs and 30 ft length from the dock to storage, or any moves needed. We do snowmobile, ATV and motorcycle delivery also.

Do you need open trailering of some large items? We have a 5×8 trailer that is ready for immediate delivery work. Also we have a 5×10 enclosed trailer too.


Barrie Swift Courier Parcel Delivery

We at Barrie Swift Courier know, time is money

           and the longer you’re without those important vehicle or machine parts, or the longer you have to wait to have those important documents signed, you’ve lost out on some days of income, whereas we can get it to you on same day delivery. It’s true that the international courier service companies can ship cheaply, it often takes between 3 days and a week to receive your important parcel though, especially over a weekend.

For example:

Calculate 4 total days waiting, by a hypothetical number such as $300/day (of lost production), and you have $1200 in lost revenue because your equipment was down or similar. Not to mention, you could miss out on a deal worth tens of thousands that needed documents exchanged in the same day. That could be worth far more than a paltry $1200. In comparison then, our same day delivery in Barrie and rush delivery prices are more than the international shippers, but the money you were able to earn by having your courier delivery sooner far exceeds our delivery charge.

Looking deeper, a rush, same day delivery to downtown Toronto from Barrie is approximately $140.00 by Barrie Swift Courier, and a 4 day shipment is around $15 from the other guys. You have a choice, $140 or $1215?

The above example is supposing that you are doing a courier delivery of a document or a box that an average person can carry. If the the delivery item is large and heavy, elsewhere will charge you $150 and take 4 days. Comparatively, we do large box and pallet same day deliveries, Barrie to Toronto, for $175.00

Should Someone From Your Office Do The Delivery?

That risk probably isn’t worth it.

Your employee doing the courier delivery takes them away from their professional duties. Also, your business and the vehicle needs commercial insurance to make deliveries if there is an accident or an injury. As well, we often worry about a possibility of parking tickets. Leave it up to a professional courier in Barrie like us, Barrie Swift Courier.

Estimating Trip Costs

With the ease of the internet, a practical courier company like us can use transparent and realistic tools to put a fair quote together for you. Anyone can use this trip calculator from Gas Buddy as well. Along with that metric, we factor in man hours and some depreciation on the delivery vehicle. It’s all simpler than it sounds, so don’t worry, you can have a quote from your favorite courier in Barrie either immediately or within a couple minutes.

Our Environmental Caring

Even with 7 billion people, every individual person impacts our earth- landfill waste you produce, clean water you use, greenhouse gas emissions you create, etc. We don’t know about others doing courier in Barrie, but Barrie Swift Courier has policies in place to minimize our impact. We like the saying, “leave your campsite better than you found it.”

  • We minimize paper bills that come to the house by receiving them electronically
  • The papers we do get are recycled
  • Our kitchen recycles food, metal, styrofoam and plastics
  • We discourage car idling
  • We resist buying products that will end up in landfills. We buy quality, reusable and sustainable products any chance we get, from food to furniture.
  • We group courier deliveries together when possible
  • We prefer to work with companies who have the same environmentally conscious values

However small, every little environmentally-considerate action has an effect. A lot of change can happen from the items you buy alone, not just what you do with your waste. Buy recyclable items, buy less packaged items, buy energy efficient vehicles, buy water efficient items, minimize buying plastics, buy less disposable products, don’t buy poorly made products (particleboard furniture comes to mind), and don’t buy junk you don’t need!!

No HST on Deliveriestax free delivery

We’re happy as ever to offer deliveries with no tax. Since we’re considered small suppliers, CRA has exempted us from needing to collect hst tax. This obviously cuts your courier delivery cost down by 13%. Call us to get a quote to enjoy the reduction.

Perfect Delivery Record

Barrie Swift Courier is proud to post no errors, damage or late arrivals on all of our deliveries. Every delivery we have ever been hired for has arrived on time, at the correct place and in perfect shape. We are a delivery service in Barrie that is easy to trust and desirable to work with.

contract courier deliveries

Delivery Contracts and Accounts Welcomed!

Call for a quote on regular and scheduled contract deliveries. We are happy to open new routes for you. The loyalty you show by contracting us as your delivery service and courier, comes back to you in the form of lower rates and priority service. Further to that, our promise is to reduce contract rates more as nearby deliveries get added. We like to think of it as delivery profit sharing of sorts. When we win, you win… with us.

You can usually expect to save 15% right off the top, not counting discounts because of piggybacking on already established routes and deliveries.

We’re thrilled to announce 2 new accounts with Peterbilt and Master Systems and Promotions. Thanks for trusting us!

Food delivery Barrie

Food Delivery

So we specialize in bigger ticket rush delivery, but find ourselves getting calls for food delivery in Barrie also. It seems that the market is needing more reliable and quicker food delivery despite skip the dishes and their competitors. We do, in fact, do food deliveries in Barrie, so please feel welcomed to call us.

Thanks to our Drivers!

We want publicly announce our thanks to our drivers Stephen, Aubrey, and Bill and G. Thanks for being so reliable and helping our courier business grow based on successful drives, mega friendly customer service, and ethics.

Our Offer to You

Discounted rates. Many of our next day or same day courier customers have received deeply discounted rates because, for example, we are already doing a courier Barrie to Toronto and another customer calls for a similar delivery on the same route. Since we are going anyways, not only do we discount the new caller’s rate, sometimes by 50%, we call the original customer back and refund money. If we win, everyone wins.

Change of Day to Day Operations

We’re pleased to announce that Tal is shifting the management of day to day operations to G because he is able to dedicate more time to the customers and the business than Tal. This will mean that calls will be answered more reliably and we will be able to service people to our maximum potential.

Barrie Chamber of Commerce

We’re excited to announce that we are now a member of the Barrie Chamber of Commerce. We want to do more than just be a business that’s running in Barrie taking customers’ money. We want to make relationships, friends and be cooperative with the community. Being part of the Chamber is understanding that business success in a community is a group effort. Even if we see no profit from being a member, we will likely give value to someone else in some way, and that’s worth it to us.


As of late, we have been entrusted for some of Purolator’s same-day courier deliveries. They’re a big operation and their focus is on the next-day or more deliveries, so they typically contract out any same-day drives they get to companies like us. Benefits to calling us directly, however, are a lower price because of no middle-men, and a far faster processing and response time, saving critical time.

Big Thanks to Premier Doug Ford

If you haven’t already noticed, Ontario Premier, Doug Ford has slashed carbon taxes off Ontario gasoline. About 2 months ago the price at the pump dropped at least $.10 and we’re seeing relief of upwards of $.20 in some cases. For the delivery business this is a great savings and will positively impact maaaaaaaany industries- especially products that require delivery. Which is every product, since even it has to be trucked to stores. Cheers, Premier Ford. Keep up the good work!

Winter is Here! Ahh

It’s impossible to ignore the nasty white stuff outside and to top it off, it came a little early this year. With snow and cold temperatures comes slower and reduced driving. The world keeps turning however and people and businesses still need their deliveries, so we’re out there couriering deliveries and taking over where some find it uncomfortable to drive. The only thing to expect when you call for a courier quote is a very slight increase in price to offset the extra time on the road and all the new risks associated with winter driving.

Thanks Bill Fligg at Dynamic Web Hosting for all your web help over the years. Safe hosting, web design and SEO. Bill operates out of Barrie and it’s nice to have a skilled local web guy as opposed to all the dubious foreigners cold-calling offering SEO and web design.

Jon at Jonathan Audette Professional Corporation does a great job at polishing up our finances each year. He’s always happy to help and easy to get along with.

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